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new rock revolution days
2004-04-24, 8:45 p.m.

This week was the first of two big New Rock Revolution Weeks for me. I went to see an unannounced show at a smallish club here, 12th & Porter, for the Kings of Leon on Monday, which makes my friends in London very very jealous as they're the biggest thing since Oasis over there. They were great, as were the opening band Lucky Guns from Murfreesboro. Boy, the room sure was HOT - not just hot with youthful rock-n-roll energy, but, y'know, temperature hot. But all in all I'm really really glad I went and I had a good time and felt soo cool to be seeing this band that's so huge in London but from right here in our own backyard - little old Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.

Then Wednesday, I went to go see a band called The Sounds. They're from Sweden and have been compared to early Blondie. This was at a club called the Mercy Lounge, which isn't the best place to see a band, but they do carry my new favorite energy drink, Pink . It's like Sugar-Free Red Bull, but better. And produced semi-locally, in Louisville, Kentucky. I drank like three of them. I could have had five beers for that price. But, mmm, Pink. (There's also a non-sugar-free, blue-for-boys-colored version called Vegas). Anyhow, the band was fun. The young keyboardist was soo cute in a retro-eighties kinda way, and they ended with a cover of Yaz's "Goodbye Seventies." What more could I ask?

After The Sounds played, when I was going back to the bar for even more Pink, I saw Caleb, the lead singer of my Monday band, Kings of Leon. I was right next to him so I called his name and said hello, and he grabbed me and hugged me really quickly and tightly and then turned away. I wonder if it's a defense mechanism he's developed in London when they're always approached by raving fans? Like: "Here's a disarmingly sudden and strong hug, now please go away."

This weekend is an outdoor festival called River Stages where we see bands playing - you guessed it - on stages at The River. I don't like these hot weather outdoor things, but one of my great regrets is not going to see Hole when they played there several years ago. So I'm not missing The Strokes and The Foo Fighters this year. I hope not anyway.

"Hey don't let it go to waste

I love it but I hate the taste"

- Foo Fighters "All My Life"

I'm especially glad all these bands have been playing as there seemed to be a new rock revolution conspiracy against playing Nashville. I had 5th row seats to see The Strokes when they were supposed to open for Weezer, and Julian Casablancas' manager jumped on his knee or some equally bizarre thing and they cancelled. The White Stripes were supposed to play a show at The Ryman that was being recorded for DVD and therefore probably going to be guest-star-studded with the likes of Loretta Lynn, but Jack broke his Middle Finger in a car wreck just before. Cancelled. Then, Jack's (former?) friends The Von Bondies were supposed to play The End a few months ago and we got there and there was a sign on the door. Cancelled. One of the members was sick. So, please bring the new rock revolution bands here quickly (vitement! schnell!). Before the era is over!

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