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2005-09-15, 7:30 p.m.

I got to see my two current favorite bands this month, The Kings of Leon at The Ryman (and plan to see them again next month in Knoxville), and Self.

In fact, this past weekend was my WEEKEND OF SELF. Not my own self, thankfully, but Matt Mahaffey's band Self. Not only did I get to see them play a show (and I feared that there might not ever be any more) but got to hang out with Matt, his lovely wife Rebecca, Brad (one of the guys that runs their awesome fansite, and some fans who came in from miles around, as far away as Boston and Houston. And the Mahaffey family too.

This coming weekend, my (second) cousin Julia Mary is coming into town. She went to see her son graduate from Boot Camp a few hours south of here. I'm a bit alarmed that my little third cousin is in the military. He must have joined up just to spite her, she was quite a peacenick as I recall. Once when I was about seven years old, my mother and father took me to visit her and her mother, and she had a big party at her house, and I remember sneaking out of bed and down the stairs and seeing teenage hippies sleeping everywhere. I must be embellishing the memory, though, because it was the mid-seventies, not the sixties. I do remember that she and all her friends were really nice to me, and didn't seemed bothered by this annoying little kid asking them questions and such. Hippies are nice.

My friend James Barber started a typepad site called Conflict of Interest . When musician Alex Chilton was feared missing during Katrina, he wrote a great heartfelt piece about him that hopefully doesn't read too much like an obituary, since Mr. Chilton has surfaced alive and well in Texas, and presumably might google his own name once in a while.

Oh, uh-oh. Hi, Alex.

I especially liked reading that post since I am, admittedly, one of those "kids" he refers to who was more familiar with Alex from The Replacements' song about him (I even called my radio show in college the "I'm in love; what's that song" show - I know - it doesn't really have much of a ring, does it?) than his own actual stuff, though I always admire what I hear, even/especially post-Big-Star.

Also in the post were these three sentences: "I've always hated the idea of Power Pop. No matter what girl's name they use in the lyrics, power pop bands are just writing love songs to their Beatles records. Women never like power pop because they don't recognize themselves in the music." And, if you know me, it will come as no surprise to you that I can't stop thinking about that. Is it true? Do I not like any power pop? Is that why? Or maybe I don't like love songs to Beatles? Or just don't like love songs. I like songs about hating love songs. Like that one in Mo' Better Blues. And what was that song by Cracker? No, that was about folk singers. But they're kinda like hippies. Hey, I have a childhood memory of hippies being nice.

Anyway, I guess it's apparent why I haven't been posting entries so much. Too much thinking in circles to do!

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