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emo porn
2004-09-16, 6:12 p.m.

wish i thought of it first: emo porn (not safe for office viewing. downloadable trailer especially not safe for office viewing OR listening.)

when i was first told about this site while it was just under construction, i was told to keep it on the down-low, the hush-hush... and so i started calling it, to myself, "secret emo porn" and then would go around singing "secret emo porn" to myself to the tune of "secret agent man."

in my new tradition of posting anything but a nice long proper entry, i present you with an IM conversation I had with someone from the above-linked site:

gp: yo, you here?

me: hey, yes.

me: this is funny today

me: "porn, does your thinking for you"... the stuff that she says "bogs her down" are my favorite parts though. the most important parts even, to me.

gp: does porn do the thinking for you?

gp: does your porn do the thinking?

me: mine doesn't, but hers does i guess.

gp: I was just playing with the slogan

gp: not really asking

me: oh. monday. brain not working so well.

gp: my porn has hung me out to dry

me: my porn rocks the mic that rocks the paaaarrrrtayyy.

gp: My porn understands me

gp: Or, my porn ignores me and acts like I'm not even in the room

me: my porn causes drowsiness and should not be used with heavy machinery or while driving.

gp: I like that.

gp: My porn says maybe we need to take a little break for a while, you know, so we can breathe a little

me: ouch!

gp: my porn says this is hurting me more than it's hurting you

me: and it is.

me: my porn is minty fresh. or: my porn does a body good.

gp: My porn has a brand new look!

me: like papa, who has a brand new bag?

gp: yeah, and like the detergents that you buy....WHY THE FUCK do we care how the BOX of the soap looks....(I do)?

me: oh, i think the fact that i drink sugar-free red bull tells ya i'm a sucka for packaging and design.

me: those little cans.

me: shaped like you know what.

gp: I know

gp: hehe

me: annnnnd she brings it back to porn!

gp: there's another energy drink that's more like....a vibrator...I think it's called "rocket fuel" is that right?

me: rocket fuel. never heard of it. there's one called rock star.

me: and my favorite is one called pink.

gp: Pink is my favorite color

me: pink has a boy's version called vegas, it's blue and is not sugar-free.

gp: next to GREEN

gp: and brown

gp: cuz, SHIT, I need MONEY'

me: mo' money, mo' problems.

otherwise: happy rosh hashanah everyone. apples and pancakes anyone? well, does anyone really serve those on rosh hashanah, or was it just the dining hall at my episcopalian high school? we would get them on rosh hashanah and on mardi gras. they were really greasy.

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