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2005-02-03, 7:50 p.m.

One of my very favorite diarists, Evil Genius (a/k/a Dr. No and Blofeld) has very kindly name-checked me in his entry and passed along what he refers to as a stick. Which reminds me of that episode of Ab Fab where Edina goes to some new age retreat thing and there's a "talking stick" and she keeps interrupting when she doesn't have it and she ends up screaming "How much is one? I'll buy my own damn stick."

Anyhow, I am now holding the stick. So, shush please.

1. What is the Total Amount of Music Files on Your Computer?

Okay, as my friend and fellow stick-recipient Purple so deftly explains, our computers 'round here don't really support such modern things as "music files." Well, I am exaggerating a bit, but iTunes won't even let me LOOK at their store with this old of an OS. So, I do have some MP3's (maybe forty) that are work-related, and then a bunch of available-on-line-only songs that I downloaded from Selfies, and maybe two or three songs left over from my brief Kazaa-period over a year ago. Hey, and now that I look there's a recent one I almost forgot: a re-mix of one of the cuts originally recorded for Paris Hilton's album. It's called "Screwed." Y'know, both she and Haylie Duff recorded that song separately, and then Haylie or her people won the argument and Haylie announced that "it's all under control now" and she gets to release it. But then the Paris version was "leaked" to the 'net. I know. But anyway, it's not bad. Y'know, Paris is calling her album Paris Is Burning and I am curious if she's ever seen the movie?

Oh. Back to the survey.

2. The Last CD You Bought Is?

I went to Grimey's and bought two: TV on the Radio based on some critical raves on the 2004 year-end lists. It's interesting. And a two-song CD (it was like $2 - sweet) from a local little hot up-and-coming garage band Be Your Own Pet. My own little piece of the zeitgeist.

3. What is the Song You Last Listened to Before This Message?

Actually, I am listening to some of music files right now since you made me go in and look at them. "All Got Our Runnins" - an out-take from The Streets' first album Original Pirate Material is playing now.

4. Write Down Five Songs You Often Listen To, or That Mean a Lot to You.

I keep staring at this question and blinking blankly at the screen and deciding to re-visit it.

So I'll amend this category to: Songs I've Been Listening to a Lot Lately.

These selections are determined by what CD's I keep popping in my car's CD player and what cut I skip to. I will sometimes flip through the radio stations looking for some new Eminem - I haven't gotten the CD yet.

(1) "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers,
(2) "(I Got That) Boom Boom" by Britney Spears with the Ying Yang Twins,
(3) "Milk" by the Kings of Leon,
(4) "Summer Never Ends" by Northern State with Har Mar Superstar,
(5) "American Idiot" by Green Day.

5. Who Are You Gonna Pass This Stick To (Three Persons and Why)?

The why is the same for all of these, I miss their updates and am hoping this might spur 'em on:

andclint (I know you are busy with new baby Squirmy, but please bring me s'more of the funny).

Jack Prague (More LA stories please.)

wearymoon (Hey Girl, Holla.)

Hey, I said "Holla." I stole that from Evil Genius. And that brings us full circle. Hi.

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