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to the floor
2004-05-19, 8:00 p.m.

my diaryland username is, as you know if you're at this site: tothefloor. i've been fielding some questions about what it means and why i chose it. i picked it first because of a lyric:

"to the store, up to the moon, you're so busy, you're so busy sending me, to the floor, up to my room, you're so busy, you're so busy sending me" (c) self/mahaffey 2002

i also liked it because if someone is speaking to a group and has everyone's attention they are said to "have the floor" and since my online diary is available for public viewing i liked the notion that i was presenting it "to the floor."

also, woop-woop, in a dance club you go "to the floor" when you go to the dance floor, of course. and i think "take it to the floor" was a lyric in an old house song i used to dance to when i used to do things like dance to house music.

[i've edited this to add: speaking of house music, i've also learned from my friend danny that "four to the floor" or "four on the floor" is the name of the beat that giorgio moroder and his ilk used to start what became disco and later house music. it means that the bass drum (or kick drum - the one closest "to the floor") is hit on all four beats - as opposed to the first and third with the snare on the second and fourth beats. so you get that "boom boom boom boom" stomping beat. hear that?]

now, some have asked me if it's a pornographic reference at all. well, i hadn't thought of it as one. though my friend robin said it made him think of the expression "hung to the floor." um, ok. no. also, a google search of "to the floor" provides an array of sites promising that All Panties Drop To The Floor. or the dresses do. or the actors do.

however, upon closer reflection i have realized there actually is a porn reference in my tothefloor username that i must have subliminally thought: i have a friend who secretly once appeared in a porn flick. (he was young! and able to be talked into these things!) a mutual friend of ours discovered it by mistake upon viewing said flick. so there was much discussion amongst everyone about who knew and who didn't know that he had appeared in this film. and did he know we knew and who told him that we knew and who knows that he knows? who has seen it and does he know who has seen it? so we mentioned the name of the film a lot. in our gossiping. and because it was fun to say the title of that production -- which was "to the hilt." so that must have been floating around in my head when i came up with tothefloor.

i love the expression "cut the yard" used in the south to mean "mow the lawn." robin just used the expression while we were on the phone and he was talking me into taking him to dinner. and i said "cut the yard - aww!" and he said "i know i'm using that expression you love because i'm kissing up to you." and i said "but if you tell me you used it just to kiss up to me won't that make it less charming to me and therefore not work for the kissing up purposes?" i think sometimes i think too much about language. language. it's a virus, as william s. burroughs and laurie anderson tell us.

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